Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Preparation Checklist

In preparation of a bed bug treatment, the following instructions need to be followed to allow for treatment to be the most effective: 
1. All linens must be removed and placed in a hot water wash 
2. Recommend hot water washing of most, if not all clothing, as bed bugs often nest in drawers and closet areas 
3. Allow access to the unit. Pick up items on floor such as laundry baskets, clothing, shoes, boxes, etc. to allow access to floor areas where bed bugs typically nest, particularly in cracks and crevices. Items may be placed on non-cloth furniture (i.e. table, dresser, drawer, etc.) 
4. Make sure bed mattress and box spring are left exposed (uncovered). 
5. The same needs to be true for sofas, couches, etc. 
6. Remove faceplates for electrical outlets, phone jacks, etc. 
Treatment method: 
1. Bed mattress, box spring, floor, draperies, behind hanging picture frames, sofas, couches, and all crack and crevice areas will receive material application. 
2. Three materials will be used for bed bug control that will provide a contact killer, flushing agent, residual, and Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).
 3. Treatment is NOT a one-time treatment. Typically two treatments will be required to gain control of bed bugs. 
4. Re-entry to the dwelling can occur no earlier than four hours after treatment is completed. 
5. There may still be bed bugs active in the unit upon return, which is normal. Time must be allowed for materials applied to take effect. 
6. Follow-up treatment will occur within one week of initial treatment. 
1. Vacuum floors, including rugs, carpets, tiles, etc. 
2. Dispose of vacuum bag, tightly sealing in plastic bag, and discarding.


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