Post Fumigation FAQs

Does tent fumigation eliminate ground termites?

No it does not. Ground termites, or subterranean termites, require a separate treatment. Please contact your certified professional or our office to inquire.

Will tent fumigation kill all my roaches and ants?

No, but it may eliminate the pests that are located within the structure while the tent is sealed. These insects are foragers and will feed on dead termite colonies and could potentially push out termite droppings within the walls. We provide a complimentary exterior pest control spray to help keep these pests away.

I'm still seeing termite droppings. Do I still have termites in my house?

Termites create tunnels throughout your property as the feed and migrate. When tent fumigation is conducted and the termites have been eradicated, your walls, doors, windows etc may still contain termite droppings. Doors slamming, rattling or any vibrations occurring around or within your home can cause the droppings to appear.

I still see termites flying or crawling around my house. Did the fumigation not work?

Vikane will not directly kill termite eggs. However, as the eggs hatch, the larvae (babies) rely on worker termites (adults) to feed them in order to survive. With the adult termites elimated, the babies will die. Do not be discouraged if you see Drywood termites immediately after your home has been fumigated. It can take 3 to 5 days for all termites to die. This is what we call latent exposure. But rest assure, Menehune Pest Management Fumigation Services has provided you with a quality and effective fumigation.

Do I need to wash my dishes or linen when I return home?

No you do not. Vikane does not leave any residual or film on. your belongings. The gas dissipates and exits your structure. Upon your return home, all you would need to do is unpack your food and put back where it belongs and enjoy knowing your home is protected.